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About the Gyroball
The Gyroball is a (possibly mythical) pitch rumored to be in the arsenal of Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka. Much was made of the pitch when Matsuzaka was acquired by the Boston Red Sox, but we never saw it.

About the Authors
David Mickelsen is an enthusiast of sports around the world. Originally from the Boston area, he received a B.A. with a major in philosophy from the College of Wooster in 2007. He has since lived in Chicago and Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he currently resides. He is a lifelong Boston sports fan, and will not own a Yankee on a fantasy baseball team. He also writes for music blog I Might Be Wrong. You can contact him at throwingthegyroball@gmail.com.

Brian Mumaw is a statistically-inclined sports fan who enjoys a good argument. He is a fan of both the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Nationals as a result of growing up near Cleveland and doing his graduate studies in Washington, DC.

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