Thursday, June 23, 2011

Santos Win Copa Libertadores; Brawl Ensues

"Esto es Sudamerica, señores. Esto es Sudamerica." These were the words of the commentator for Fox Sports at the end of the match between Santos (of Brasil) and Peñarol (Uruguay) on Wednesday night. Santos had just won the Copa Libertadores, the most important club tournament in South American football, in front of their home fans. But instead of it being a joyous scene, the moment was marred by a brawl that broke out amongst players, coaches, fans, and basically anyone who was on the field at the time.

This was the scene following the final whistle:

It apparently all started when some fans of Santos ran onto the field and provoked the Peñarol players; the players did not handle the situation professionally. "Qué lástima, realmente," said the commentator. I couldn't agree more.

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